Monday, May 14, 2012

What is this blog about:

This blog is about my journey to find a way to acceptance and peace with chronic pain.  I have had problems with my back for 9 years, starting with a buldging disk in 2004 and recently in May 2011 I had a spinal fusion from L4-S1 and in August 2011 my tailbone removed.  Since that time I have been unable to resume almost any part of my life, and continue to have pain daily.  Recently the pain is increasing and is beginning to shoot down my legs again, along with numbness in my legs.  I am at a place that age 37 I want, no I need,  to find a way to accept that this is my life.  I need to find a way to still enjoy my life, my children, my marriage.  I will not spend every day all day laying in bed in pain, angry and fearful.  I will, through God, find a new purpose in my life, knowing that this is only temporary and one day I will be in heaven and never have to feel pain again. 

For those who may stumble across this blog or be led to it- I hope you find something - whether it be hope, comradery, or understanding.  Please feel free to share who you are, what you are going through and any wisdom you may have.